Basketball EC: Eistonne and Scholz congratulations: Start encourages the DBB team – news

By defeating other favorites France, the German team took the first step, nothing more. “Of course it gives us a boost, but it was just a win,” said the strong Daniel Theis, who, despite an injury break in the days leading up to the tournament, became the long-awaited anchor of an incredibly strong and intense defense. overall. “The way we defended was the key,” said Niels Giffey, who had previously disappeared and is now overmatched. “If we continue to defend like this, we will have a good tournament,” said the Berliner.

Along with his old Alba colleagues Lo, Johannes Thiemann and Franz Wagner, Giffey epitomized the joy and lightness that a German team can carry through the European Championships together with enthusiastic fans. The excellent Lo’s scene at the beginning of the second half best showed the Germans’ great enthusiasm for the game.

Lo and emphasis

During the counterattack, the brilliant Alba point guard played the ball behind his back and then spectacularly offered Schröder under the basket. “I’ve never made a move before. I just felt it in that moment,” said Lo at Magentasport.

With this feeling of lightness, the Bosnia-Herzegovina team, which also won in the beginning, is looking for its second victory. For despite the first exclamation mark in European competition, the group of heavyweights like Slovenia and Lithuania remains complicated. Back in 2013, Germany kicked off the Euros with a win over France – only to be relegated after embarrassing defeats against the likes of Great Britain and Belgium.

The risk of a repeat seems pretty low this time. The German selection is too uniform and closed these days. “I think the best team wins here, not the team with the best individual players,” said NBA pro Wagner after his EC debut. – The team chemistry is good, so it’s very fun. All twelve players were in training on Friday and working hard before the next task.

Basketball legend Dirk Nowitzki also enjoyed himself in the stands. The extraordinary sportsman’s emotional shirt ceremony in the presence of Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier before the game gave his followers in the German shirt extra energy. “We all love him,” Giffey said.

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