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The German national basketball team will play in the semi-finals of the European Championship against Spain at home for a place in the final. Sky Sport presents the German hopefuls looking to keep the European title dream alive by defeating the world champions on Friday night.

Dennis Schröder is also known by many who do not normally cover basketball. Schröder is the leader of the German national basketball team, which caused a sensation at the domestic European Championships, and will fight with world champion Spain for a place in Friday night’s final.

The great strengths of DBB’s selection are good team spirit and balance. There is no such thing as a superstar who rises above everyone else. There are several players who contribute to the team’s success with excellent skills.

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  1. Dennis Schröder will lead the German team to the 2022 European Basketball Championships.
    DENNIS SCHRÖDER: Team leader and the biggest German basketball star since Dirk Nowitzki and former Lakers teammate of LeBron James. © DPA pa
  2. Dennis Schröder celebrated the victory with the German team
    For years, Schröder, considered by some to be a moody and selfish diva, is now above all a responsible and loving family man. As a basketball player, there are significantly more team players now than a few years ago. © Imago
  3. Hoping for more support in the quarterfinals: Maodo Lo comments against Montenegro​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
    MAODO LO: Artist. His mother is the Berlin-based artist Elvira Bach. Lo is the classiest player on the team and a bright mind with a degree in sociology from Columbia University. Dennis Schröder sees him in perspective in the NBA. © Imago
    JOHANNES THIEMANN: Nickname “Machine”. With his physique, he manages to defend both big pieces and agile players. Offensively dominates the entire area between the post game near the basket and long shots. © Imago
  5. German NBA star Daniel Theis in action.
    DANIEL THEIS: Spectacular. Besides Thiemann, the only real German target player under the basket. But he also impresses with his accuracy from half-distance and three-point range. Huge bouncing. A man for falling dunks. © Imago
    JOHANNES VOIGTMANN: A giant with a great hand. At 2.11m, the tallest player on the DBB team is usually a player who prefers to shoot rather than look for a duel under the basket. © Imago
  7. Thiemann impresses with his strong game review and passing game.  A center that thinks like a guard.
    Thiemann impresses with his strong game review and passing game. A center that thinks like a guard. © Imago
    JONAS WOHLFARTH-BOTTERMANN: Worker. Rarely appears as a scorer. But he’s passionate about his team and isn’t above running offenses to wear down opposing big men. © Imago
  9. "WoBo" comes in when Theis, Thiemann and Voigtmann need breaks.  During this time, you can always count on him.  He also excelled with wonderful block pictures.
    “WoBo” comes in when Theis, Thiemann and Voigtmann need a break. During this time, you can always count on him. He also excelled with wonderful block pictures. © Imago
    ANDREAS OBST: Ice cold. No one on the team shoots as coolly and with nerves of steel as he does. One of the EM finds. Developed from role player to success. Five out of three out of seven is one of the keys to success in a crazy game against Greece. © Imago
    NIELS GIFFEY: Versatile. Rarely flashy, but always effective and without any real weaknesses. Good for throwing, shooting, passing and good for post play and rebounding. © Imago
  12. Niels Giffey
    The small forward, who last played for Žalgiris Kaunas in Lithuania (currently out of contract), is stronger and more stable than he looks. Long-serving national team player and nephew of Berlin mayor Franziska Giffey. © Imago
    FRANZ WAGNER: Unbelievable. Because he plays so unbelievably mature and for a 21-year-old cheated. Because it’s amazing how a 2.08m tall person can move so well and fast and also dribble the ball so well. © Imago
  14. Franz Wagner and the German national basketball team are in the quarterfinals of the European Championship after defeating Greece.
    FRANZ WAGNER: Established himself as a top player for the Orlando Magic in his first NBA season. The biggest German basketball gift since Dirk Nowitzki. © Imago

In addition to Schröder, these include, for example, veteran Daniel Theis or shooting star Franz Wagner, who have shown their skills in the NBA.

The coach of the national team, Gordon Herbert, has formed a team of “legionaries” and BBL professionals, which is now aiming even for the championship.

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