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BC Marburg team presentation
Basketball women ready for the new season


The basketball club “BC pharmaserv Marburg” presents its women’s team for the new season in the 1. Bundesliga.

The Marburg women’s basketball team has been in the Bundesliga since 1992. Many new faces are now strengthening the team for the new season. In the evening, the club officially introduced the new team.

The new season starts in mid-October with two home matches. Together with coach Patrick Unger, the “BC pharmaserv Marburg” team really wants to raise the 1.Bundesliga again. The goal is clear: new faces and with great ambition the women are working towards the playoffs.

Coach Patrick Unger returns to Marburg

Patrick Unger coached the 46ers second men’s team in Giessen for two years. Now he returns to Marburg as head coach because he sees an opportunity to make an impact at BC Marburg. According to Unger, the basketball club is going in the right direction athletically and structurally. The girls in training are also included.

Coach: “We won’t stop being hungry”

Head coach Patrick Unger is convinced of his team’s ambition. They are working towards the playoffs. He also tells what he values ‚Äč‚Äčespecially in women’s basketball.

Yes, there is a team, is very motivated. You can say that. Now, after the first few days, I think a big advantage in basic form. Everyone here saw exactly that ambition developing further. And that’s our nature at the moment, yes we were, everything will get better. And I think that can become one of our greatest strengths, because hopefully then we’ll stop being hungry. Yeah. I believe in it more. Tactic. ALRIGHT. M You get a lot back. Although as a coach, you can see that people want to improve in the men’s league, which I have been working on for two years now. Unfortunately, not always in Erman’s case. They just step on the gas. And it’s just fun. look

Top international team in the 1st Bundesliga

The first league team from BC Marburg is already training hard – and is happy to see many new faces on the pitch. There are six new players from, among others, Finland, France and the United States. The new composition and relatively young team are a challenge for the coming season. For Patrick Unger, it’s still a team to everyone’s expectations: “We need some time to see what we can do, but we accept the challenge”.

What makes women’s basketball better?

Marie Bertholdt and Lena Dziuba tell us on the FFH mic what makes women’s basketball better than men’s. The team harmonizes privately and looks forward to showing this team spirit on the field.

Not so much ego, arguing in my opinion. Now if we look at the national team’s games, there are players who have confirmed by then that we do not do violence to women. Very comfortable, pleasant that very many fit. Keep a nice place, play nice so you can benefit from keeping good places and also get nice good points. Can he play the same sport? But there’s another game I always say, it’s just missing that Bosc is much more interesting structurally because we all really play together a lot, I think the defense is just intense as well. And like I said, of course it’s easy for me, but after Squall it’s just fun to play. And then they hope to watch.

1st league schedule

The first home match in the Georg Gassmann Stadium sports hall will be played on Friday, October 14. The players are looking forward to many home games in the 2022/23 schedule. In addition to the home advantage, the fans also motivate top performance.

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