“Broken heart”: Benzing struck with emotion after Aus

“To this day, I can’t really find the words for it. It was very, very difficult. For me, it was like a broken heart or a dagger going down the middle,” the 33-year-old said on the “GotNexxt” podcast. The national team has been a kind of drug for him in recent years. “Nothing was more important to me.” NBA professional Dennis Schröder has been the new captain for a few weeks.

National team coach Gordon Herbert removed Benzing from the provisional squad in August. “I said I would like to be there. If it’s not enough athletically, then also as the eleventh or twelfth man. It was clear that I also accept this role, Benzing said. The emotionally affected veteran described how he missed the birth of his daughter because of the national team or how he made it to the World Championships when his wife was diagnosed with cancer.

The currently uncommitted winger, who last played for Fortitudo Bologna, is confident about the club’s future. “Everything is still a bit closed at the moment, Eurobasket is underway. I’ll have to see I’ll wait a bit. I still think I’m not in the worst situation,” Benzing said. “Who knows what’s going to happen.”

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