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Sky expert Didi Hamann sharply criticized BVB in an exclusive Sky interview and looks forward to the upcoming Revierderby. He also assesses the return of Max Eberl and talks about Marco Rose as the new RB coach.

About Didi Hamann…

… Borussia Dortmund’s performance in the Champions League: “The voices were consistently positive: it was a bit too uncritical for me after the game. Of course they played well for 80 minutes yesterday. I have rarely seen City so helpless and aimless as they were in the first half or the first 75-80 minutes. It was also due to the Dortmunders, it must be said in fairness. Only you can’t lose a game like this. When I hear afterwards that Sebastian Kehl says he is proud of the team, Edin Terzic talks about a very good game, Emre Can about a very good game. Then I need a little self-criticism. I find this lack of self-criticism fatal. You’ve given up another game this year. It was the same against Man City, it was the same against Bremen, and the other games were a mess too.

The wins over Leverkusen and Freiburg were flattering. They need to start criticizing themselves because I feel like it’s starting like last season. You don’t play well, you win games, that’s great, and when you lose, you talk to yourself. They need to change course. For me, Mats Hummels is the only one who is self-critical and calls things as they are. Others should do the same. That would be the first step toward improvement, because otherwise we might be having this inconsistency discussion again in the weeks, months, or season’s end.

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For Didi Hamann, BVB’s voices after CL’s bankruptcy were too uncritical.

If you don’t take anything with you to the City, you’ll never make it. If you look at Salzburg forcing a point on Chelsea. who won the Champions League 18 months ago. As Borussia Dortmund, I have to be able to claim something if I don’t get City on a good day. That’s why I didn’t understand. I don’t know what to be proud of now. City don’t win every game either. They’ve had problems in one league or another and that’s why it was too positive for me. It will not be an easy task against Schalke on Saturday either.

… the upcoming Revierderby: “That is very good time for Schalke. Dortmund had a very difficult game and came back dejected from Manchester, where they do not reward themselves for a decent performance for long periods. Schalke got their first win and have played their best away games so far. Schalke scored in Stuttgart and Wolfsburg where they should have won. This means that Schalke have sold perfectly away from home so far. I suppose it will be similar to the win against Bochum on Saturday.”

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Sky expert Didi Hamann on the Revierderby between Schalke and Dortmund. “This is a good time for Schalke.”

… mentality in Dortmund: “Basically, I want to say that mentality always wins over quality. I don’t want to deny the mentality in Dortmund now, they just have to show over 90 or 95 minutes that they are alert and focused and that they really play so consistently right until the final whistle, how can they to do that. They have rarely done that this season. That was also a criticism from me last season under Marco Rose. If you look at Dortmund: Through the Cup, the third division, the teams did well.

In the league, Hoffenheim and Berlin were probably the two games where they asserted and controlled games. That’s what I expect from Borussia Dortmund. I expect 9 out of 10 players to dominate the game. They haven’t done that so far this year, in just two games. That’s why I think the game will be tight. Schalke come to Dortmund with a lot of confidence and I would imagine they could even take something with them.

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Will Dortmund win because of mentality or quality? Sky expert Didi Hamann has a clear opinion.

If things go wrong at the weekend from Dortmund’s point of view, it will be a tumultuous fortnight as it’s the international break. Well, I’d rather be among the favorites because that means I have a better team. Therefore, you have to take it as it is. But of course, Schalke has almost nothing to win and Dortmund has a lot to lose. But they just need to prove that they are second place, that they are a team that plays in the Champions League. I expect that from Dortmund. Let’s see if they can do it at the moment. But they need to start playing better football in the weeks leading up to the World Cup.”

… FC Bayern’s chances at Augsburg: “I don’t know when was the last time Bayern didn’t win four games in the league. It was probably a long time ago. The game against Barcelona was okay, but they were lucky in the first half. In fact, they could have had to fall behind. The chances that Lewandowski missed out, he didn’t lose to Bayern for eight or nine years. Thank God that was the case on Tuesday. Augsburg are now a bit of a feared opponent for Bayern. They have lost a few times. in recent years so it won’t be an easy task. Augsburg have a wide chest After Bremen’s win. Discussions will then continue if Bayern don’t win. Julian Nagelsmann’s big job now is to keep the 20 players happy because of course he has to say every third day that he won’t play. Well, there are one or two injuries, which means that there are fewer of them. But they still have cad he’s full of great players and that’s what needs to be done now.”

… RB Leipzig under coach Marco Rose: “Leipzig played great against Dortmund. It was a different team than in weeks – in terms of appearance, not in terms of personnel. You also have to reward yourself for the hard work, because all the effort is in the end for nothing if you are not rewarded and if you don’t take a point. I have a good feeling. Last in I had a bad feeling about Edin Terzic staying at the club from the beginning. It somehow didn’t quite fit. It happens every now and then that “The coach goes somewhere and it doesn’t fit. I think it was like that in Dortmund, but I think Marco Rose is a good fit after Leipzig. He’s from there, he has a bond with the club and I think Leipzig has one. more this year. We play a very good role. If you want to get to the top, Bayern have to play along. They’ve done that in the first few games.

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Hamann believes in Rose at RB Leipzig and already sees a different appearance.

Leipzig is already behind, but I believe that under Rose’s leadership, Leipzig will really take off. if if you watch the team, it’s great. Leipzig probably have an adequate replacement in all positions. And when the confidence comes and when you let the boys play, they have so much play potential going forward. Although Timo Werner is fully integrated, that is certainly not the case at the moment. But he played well against Real Madrid. Then I think if Bayern play along, Leipzig shouldn’t be far behind.

… Max Eberl’s upcoming return to Leipzig: “There is no doubt that he is a technically excellent man. He will then have other financial opportunities in Leipzig than in Gladbach. He has created great things there, whether he is technically and philosophically a top man or not. If “If the people of Leipzig want to develop further, then their have to start getting other types of players. You can’t always just follow with this back pressure and people. The people of Leipzig have now developed, they are emancipated. But if you play in the league If you want or maybe even want to become a champion, you need a team that can dominate the games. They can do that now to some extent, but they still have potential there. That’s why I believe that Max Eberl His professional competence and quality would be a help to every club.”

… championship match: “Obviously it’s about what the opponents do against Bayern. Two weeks ago Union Berlin showed quite well how Bayern can be annoyed. If there are more clubs then I hope it remains as exciting. We need that Of course we have a hunter or two. Then Leipzig and Dortmund will challenge. Leverkusen are probably too far away. But I am optimistic that we will see a more exciting battle this year than most seasons in recent years.”

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