Bundesliga: Manuel Gräfe criticizes referee bosses | football news

After the recent tension over wrong referees in the Bundesliga, Manuel Graefe sees a fundamental problem with German referees. However, this is due to the leadership of Lutz Fröhlich and video referee boss Jochen Drees.

Both “apparently in five years” had failed to “teach several – mostly younger – referees the essential basics of analyzing game situations,” said long-time referee Graefe dem. table football.

“But the referees are not responsible for that, but rather the referee,” Graefe continued. Recently, the following applies to handballs that have been misjudged several times, but also to mistakes: “You have to look at the whole series of moves in order to get the right penalty and to classify game situations correctly.”

Gräfe would like clearer definitions

At the same time, however, “VAR’s line and the intervention threshold must first be more clearly defined. So far, Jochen Drees – as we currently see almost every week – has clearly not been properly informed, including the referees.”

Overall, many referees lack “technical instructions”. “There was a lack of appropriate help, as the referees and assistants tell me. The referees feel left alone.”


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