Conference League: First trial postponed to January due to riots in Nice | football news

The first trial of Bundesliga club 1. FC Köln’s conference league riots at French first division club OGC Nice last week has been postponed by more than four months.

The court gave the information to the news agency AFP A request by the 33-year-old bus driver from the greater Paris region to postpone the hearing to prepare his defense and postponed the trial to January 25.

The accused is accused of violence, throwing dangerous objects and using pyrotechnics. According to the public prosecutor, the accused, who broke eight ribs and a shoulder blade when he fell from the middle level of the stands during the Cote d’Azur riots, is a father of two and has no criminal record. . If the man is found guilty, he faces up to three years in prison and a maximum fine of 45,000 euros.

Rioter shows signs of remorse

In justifying their application, the rioters showed the first signs of remorse. He talked about putting his family life at risk. The accused also claimed that he was only at the stadium in sympathy with the people of Cologne. The man did not say anything about the connection to the ultra scene of Nice’s architect, Paris Saint-Germain. In his first interrogation, after four days in the hospital and temporary detention, the accused refused to testify.

Until the start of the trial, the man was under criminal supervision and required to report. In addition, the accused was ordered to enter football stadiums or other sports arenas for the same period.

32 people were injured in riots related to the clash. In the first half of the week, 1. FC Köln had strongly condemned the acts of violence by their supporters as the Rhinelanders made a return to the European Cup, but still fear severe punishment from the European Union UEFA.


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