EuroBasketball quarterfinals: ankle sprain – worry for Germany’s Wagner

Status: 12 September 2022 at 23:18

Germany will face Greece in the quarterfinals of the European Basketball Championships. National team coach Gordon Herbert really can’t do without Franz Wagner – maybe he just has to.

On the day before the quarter-finals, national coach Gordon Herbert felt compelled to make amends. No, said Herbert, Franz hadn’t really practiced with the team. “He threw a little at the end.” Franz was, of course, Franz Wagner, carefree, the discovery of this European Championship.

Herbert’s words were not so good news for German basketball. Against Greece (Sportschau will broadcast the game in live audio from 8:30 p.m.) Herbert certainly can’t do without someone like Wagner – he might just have to.

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Germany has basketball fever these days – and now the country has ankles. Like Wagner, his left ankle hurts, an unpleasant reminder of twisting his ankle when he beat Montenegro in the last 16. Whether he can play in the quarterfinals is open.

Schröder praises Wagner

The German national team is writing nice stories in this home EC competition, especially beautiful stories told by the still very young and yet so grown-up Franz Wagner, 21. The captain of the DBB selection, Dennis Schröder, is just in the sport. view the interview at NBASpoken to the professional Wagner.

Success in the European Championships has a lot to do with Wagner, says Schröder. Wagner, Schröder sees it, just has to “Keep it up and he’s one of the best, he’s got potential.”

Question marks also behind Voigtmann

The use of Schröder’s vice-captain Johannes Voigtmann is also unclear. He missed practice because of a cold. Nick Weiler-Babb, on the other hand, has been training with the team again after missing out with a shoulder problem. Coach Herbert says: “We’ll have to see what the situation is tomorrow.”

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