Martin Hinteregger becomes president of SC Wiener by introducing Viktor | football news

About three months after his Eintracht Frankfurt career ended, Martin Hinteregger has a new job.

The Austrian is the new president of third division club SC Wiener Viktoria. The club announced it on Facebook on Thursday.

“Today we can officially introduce you to the new president of SC Wiener Viktoria,” the club wrote in a joint photo with the 30-year-old man at the top of the club.

The club’s coach is former Bundesliga striker Toni-Polster.

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Eintracht Frankfurt’s Martin Hinteregger retires from football immediately. After this surprising decision, the 29-year-old man talks about the reasons and his feelings in the last months.

Hinteregger’s new work was started by comedian and musician Christopher Seiler of the duo and Seiler & Speer.

“I didn’t think it would happen so quickly. After the call from Seil and the conversation with Roman (club boss Roman Zeiler, editor’s note) it was clear to me that something special could happen here. I’m very happy to be able to participate,” Hinteregger said Oe24 borrowed.

Hinteregger unexpectedly ended his professional career in the summer at the age of 29, despite a contract in Frankfurt that runs until 2024.

Since then, the defensive player has only played at the amateur level with SGA Sirnitz.


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