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An EXCLUSIVE Olympic killer probably lived undisturbed in Berlin. One of the Palestinians who carried out the attack in Munich in 1972 was reportedly in West Berlin 13 years later. The German security authorities knew about it, but the police in charge ignored the information. This is seen in previously unknown files. They are likely to fuel speculation about a secret deal between the German government and Palestinian terrorists. To the article (SZ Plus)

On the German side, opposition to the planned nuclear plant is growing. Switzerland’s radioactive waste disposal facility is being built in Nördlich Lägern near the German border. There are hardly any protests among the Confederates, but anger among the Germans is growing. A visit to both sides of the Rhine. Go to the article

“Phantom of the Opera” has been canceled on Broadway. The musical has been performing in New York for almost 35 years – longer than any other. But in February it’s over, the income no longer covers the big expenses. Go to the article

Germany drops out of the European basketball championships. In a high-level game, the national team lost the semi-final to the world champion Spain with a score of 91:96 – the lost lead hurts the most. Germany will face Poland on Sunday for third place. After the game, captain Schröder announces that he will return to the Los Angeles Lakers. Go to the article

The second Wiesn starts in Munich. After a two-year corona break, Oktoberfest starts this Saturday at 12 o’clock. But not only because of the pandemic, some things are different this year. Sexist chants and offensive decorations are disappearing from the festival grounds, the cuisine is becoming more sustainable and vegan, and there are many offers for the gay and lesbian community. Go to the article

war in Ukraine

Grave discovery near Isjum: Selenskij demands a reaction. The international community should not watch as Russia kills and tortures, says the President of Ukraine. Russia announces new attacks on the eastern part of the country. Ukraine will receive 40 armored personnel carriers through a tire exchange with Greece and Germany. To the live blog

The German government is being pressured to supply the main tanks to Ukraine. Similar demands have recently become much louder, but Chancellor Olaf Scholz persistently rejects them. He is convinced that he is at peace with himself and US President Biden. But the subject still interests him. Go to the article

Rosneft wants to sue for “redemption”. The Russian group calls the guardianship of two German subsidiaries “illegal” access to its assets. In Germany, more state support is required for households and companies. Live blog about the energy crisis

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