Offenbach police are looking for a gunman wearing a black baseball cap

IA 48-year-old man was shot dead in Offenbach on Sunday evening. Another 45-year-old man was seriously injured, a police spokesman said. He had come to the hospital. The suspect has fled. A large-scale search is underway, and a police helicopter is also in use. So far, he hasn’t caught the man.

The police are now looking for a man in his 30s and 40s who was wearing a black sweater, a black cap and dark blue jeans. According to additional information from witnesses, he had driven to the crime scene in an unspecified white car.

According to preliminary observations, no other people were involved in the incident except the two victims and the perpetrator, the spokesman said. It is not yet known how many shots were fired. The shot was fired shortly after 8 p.m. at the Black Diamond bar. Therefore, it remains unclear how many shots were fired.

helicopter in action

A bar in the center of Offenbach was cordoned off with caution tape late at night, and police were seen inside. It was blocked by a police car from the street next to it. The police were there in large numbers, and the federal police were also on duty. Officials searched nearby railroad tracks with flashlights. A police helicopter circled the center.

The background to the shooting is “still completely unclear,” the police wrote. Anyone who saw suspicious people or vehicles near the crime scene should report it. Police advised people to avoid the area. In addition, he asked the population through the Hessenwarn application not to pick up hitchhikers. “” had previously reported.

Residents carry the victim's body from the bar in Offenbach.

Residents carry the victim’s body from the bar in Offenbach.

Photo: dpa

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