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Konami and the World Baseball Softball Confederation are working together: together they not only want to develop the game of baseball, but also eSports in general.

To this end, both parties signed an agreement aimed at continuing to grow the sport of baseball around the world. In order to achieve this in the future, we want to talk to a different audience.

Konami with experience in eSports

According to Konami’s representative and president Hideki Hayakawa, eSports has already been able to be pushed forward. Examples can be found in the “eBASEBALL Pro League” that you organized yourself. The experience would benefit his group in the new project.

A press release from World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC) President Riccardo Fraccari (via Gematsu ) also said, “Following our partnership and the tremendous success of last year’s Olympic Virtual Series, the World Baseball Softball Confederation is proud to work with us. A video game giant like Konami on this exciting new project with unlimited the potential to further develop our sport and reach an audience we haven’t reached before.”

Together with Konami, they want to use eSports to make baseball a more popular sport worldwide. The goal is to give national federations an effective tool to open the sport to new audiences in other countries and regions. Konami CEO Hayakawa let their mutual joy shine through as he revealed that they are honored to be part of a new global challenge alongside WBSC.

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