The EC referee is still under criticism

– I have never talked about judges during my career. I won’t do it today either. But I think Fiba needs to do something. Not because of our game. Too many big mistakes happen, said ex-Bamberg Melli in Magentasport.

Italy lost the quarterfinals after extra time 85:93, especially in the final stages, several controversial decisions were made. “So many have said that this is the most talented tournament. Then we just have to be the best. As players, as an organization and as referees. That’s the only way to have the best tournament,” Melli added.

Since the Euroleague and Fiba do not cooperate, the tournament is missing numerous top referees from Europe’s best club competitions. There were already discussions in the opening round after two big mistakes: in the match between Georgia and Turkey, 22 seconds ran out of the clock, even though the game was stopped. In addition, a free throw was missed after a technical foul in the game between Germany and Lithuania. Fiba admitted both mistakes after the first round. From then on, the referee group for the German game was no longer used at the European Championships.

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