Therwil Flyers are champions for the third time in a row


Therwil Flyers are champions again: “This season was almost too easy”

Therwil Flyers also won the third playoff game against the Zurich Barracudas on Sunday 11-6 and were once again undefeated in the Swiss Baseball League. Flyers captain Sven Leemann’s victory was expected.

Sven Leemann had a mostly easy game with the Flyers this season.

Björn Jensen

Therwil Flyers are Swiss baseball champions for the third time in a row. With a 3-0 victory in the final series against the Zurich Barracudas, the Basel bidders celebrated the 14th NLA title in their club’s history over the weekend. They didn’t lose a game in the entire playoffs.

Sven Leemann, how emotional is this season’s title for you as captain?

Sven Leemann: There is always something special about becoming a champion. But now we have an experienced core in a team that has won many titles. This season was almost too easy when you go 29-0 in the playoffs. This is not the level we know from the past. Fortunately, we still had some excitement and emotion in the third game against the Barracudas on Sunday. But there have been more emotional headlines.

Sounds like you were waiting for a title.

Yeah. Anything short of a “sweep”, i.e. three wins in a row, would have been a big disappointment. If we lost a game in the playoffs, we would have been disappointed and angry.

Was your team that good or were the opponents that bad?

It was both. We are a very good team in an incredibly broad way. Half the game we were able to replace half the team without changing the quality. In addition, the Barracudas had lost four regular players. This is a punch that sits deep.

Do you enjoy dominating your opponent like this or do you get bored every now and then?

There were both during the season. We couldn’t just play anything and still win. The focus was always on our playing. But if you got out in the middle of the game and it dragged on, it got boring for me personally. I wished the game hadn’t ended in half an hour. (laugh)

Was the celebration smaller this season because the big emotions were missing?

We celebrated a bit on the field after the final game, as we did in previous years. After that we went to Basel and had a drink. It was nice.

With Stefan Koller, someone who stood for the club and is now quitting, said goodbye in the last game. Was it the most emotional moment of the playoffs?

Final. Kolli is an absolute Flyers legend and has been with the club for 25 years, 20 years as a supporter of the team in the NLA. We will miss him. When he was replaced, it was a beautiful and emotional moment.

Trainer John Baum was also fired. How important is that to this championship?

We got him three years ago because we knew then that we were going to be in a dominant phase. Then it was time to win championships. We brought in John to give us fire, discipline and speed that we were a little bit lacking before. Since then, we have won all three league titles with him and lost only one playoff game. That says it all about its importance.

Now he’s gone. Are you worried about the upcoming season?

no The same eight noses have played together for ten years. We all know each other well enough on the field and know what each other needs and doesn’t need during the game to function properly. But we also need someone to provide the framework around it: training, continuity and stability. That’s where we’re looking.

Will the next season be as easy again?

I can’t judge it yet. We have departures, like Kolli, who was very important to us and who we will miss. And barracudas are young and hot. You train hard in the winter.

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