Therwil Flyers are in the playoffs and want a championship

Therwil Flyers

Leimental’s top players have to bring their baseball power to the ground

Baseball’s regular season is over. The Therwil Flyers’ NLA team, U15 and U12 have qualified for the playoffs starting this weekend and are looking to win championships.

Sven Leemann believes in winning the Hünenberg Unicorns.

Sven Leemann believes in winning the Hünenberg Unicorns.

Photo: Bjorn Jensen

Autumn is slowly approaching in Switzerland and the temperatures are dropping. Not so with Therwil Flyers. Because baseball’s hot phase begins today – the playoffs begin. On the hand mat, young and not-so-young baseball players practice for big games. Dedicated coaches can be heard well on the field. Everyone is preparing for the upcoming challenges, because in addition to the NLA team, the U15 Cadets and U12 Juveniles also made it to the playoffs.

The players are looking forward to the playoffs

The main series is over. Finally, many players are probably thinking. Because the Flyers’ players sometimes struggle to motivate themselves in regular season games, they are too dominant. “We know that if we play our game, we usually win,” explains Sven Leemann, Flyers captain.

– Players sometimes loosen up in the regular season. But that’s normal. You’re still working and sometimes you’re tired».

explains John Baum, now in his third season as coach of Therwil’s baseball team.

Leimental’s goal in the regular season was clear. The Flyers wanted to secure a playoff spot, preferably in one of the top two spots, leading to home field advantage in the playoffs. With only one defeat in twelve matches, they did it impressively. Well, in the playoffs, a switch needs to be flipped.

– Everyone is motivated in the playoffs. Our experience will help us, and we also have a very competitive team,” Leemann emphasizes the Flyers’ strengths. Special preparation is no longer needed at this point in the season. – We will look at individual movements more closely. But overall, we are training normally, coach Baum says.

Therwil Flyers, here Hide Oshima, are in the playoffs and looking towards the championship.

Therwil Flyers, here Hide Oshima, are in the playoffs and looking towards the championship.

Photo: Bjorn Jensen

The Flyers want to build on their successes

The Therwil baseball team, founded in 1980, is one of the oldest baseball teams in Switzerland. The club has already secured 45 championships, including 13 in the Baseball National League A, nine with the cadets and seven with the youth titles. In the past ten years alone, the NLA baseball team has reached the finals nine times and brought the championship to Therwil five times.

This should also be the case this season, as the NLA men and also the U15 are defending the championship. But first a playoff series must be won. In the best-of-five series, the Hünenberg Unicorns stand in the way of the Flyers.

The promoted team, bolstered by a few strong players from the Zurich Challengers, is the only team that could beat the Flyers in the regular season. “They hit very well, we have to watch out for that,” analyzed Baum.

“We have to focus on the pitch on Saturday and show them right away who is the host of the house.”

also confirmed by Leemann.

The NLA playoffs will be played this weekend and next weekend. If the series is still undecided, the final game will be played on September 11. across the stage. Meanwhile, the under-15s face Zurich Challengers and play at home in Känelmatti on Sunday before having to play away a week later.

Instead, the under-12s start with two away games in Zurich on Saturday and then play a home game a week later. U12 also play against Challengers.

“On paper, we’re better than our opponents everywhere,” explains Baum, “but paper doesn’t matter in sports, we have to put it on the field,” he adds, and he’s convinced we can do it.

Therwil is ready for emotional games at the end of the season and at least warms up the autumn on the field. The purpose is to give fans the opportunity to fly further. One that should bring the next headline.

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