These stars prove: A baseball cap is the most stylish accessory of 2022 – and how to style it

The baseball cap is the trending headgear of 2022.

From Balenciaga to Gucci, from Louis Vuitton to Off-White, the baseball cap will rule the catwalks from Milan to Paris in 2022. Designers like Demna, Alessandro Michele and Virgil Abloh clearly support the classic ball cap, while designers like Kim Jones and Raf Simons still favor the bucket hat.

While baseball hasn’t really established itself as a sport here, the baseball cap arrived here a long time ago. The spike and the logos or inscriptions on the front are the most distinctive identification marks. The baseball cap has conquered the whole world from the United States and has become a manifestation of youth and music culture. They’ve all been worn by grunge legend Kurt Cobain, hip-hop stars like Jay-Z and punk icon Debbie Harry.

For those who have never gotten used to a bucket hat, a baseball cap is the solution to keeping your head cool. It fits everyone as long as the size fits. Combined with a suit, it breaks with a boring business look, with jeans, with chinos, in summer with shorts, a base coat is always suitable. We show you the best style hacks.

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Cap style hack #1: Top

Cap Style Hack #2: Tailoring

Hailey and Justin Bieber

Ricky Vigil M

Cap Style Hack #3: Oversized Shirt

Cap Style Hack #4: Preppy

Tyler God

Daniele Venturelli

Cap Style Hack #5: Slogans

Pete Davidson shows us how – with an endless series of caps for each of his shows. Kanye West still denies her even though his ex Kim Kardashian and Pete are past. Is it because Pete is just a cooler designer?

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