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For Aaron Judge, New York Yankees right fielder, this situation surrounding his “retirement contract” is a reality.

However, Aaron Judge weighs 127 kilograms, is over two meters tall and wears size 53 shoes, which makes him a very handsome figure. That alone does not justify an American-like salary, but not by any means. For an athlete, this requires existence at the top of the best in their field: baseball.

The home runs according to the meter

And that includes the New York Yankees right fielder in Major League Baseball (MLB). His value to the North American metropolis team, which is currently second in the MLB, is highlighted by the 46 home runs Judge has hit through two-thirds of the season.

No wonder the 30-year-old is not satisfied with the contract proposal recently presented to him by his employer. The Yankees want to pay Judge $214 million over the next seven years to prevent him from leaving at the end of the season.

Judge in the media frenzy


Courtesy shooting star

Aaron Judge.

AP Photo/John Frogau

The judge, on the other hand, has clear ideas: Instead, he wants a working paper valued at $324 million and valid for nine years. In light of his achievements, he can also afford it – it remains to be seen whether this also applies to the Yankees.

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