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The Women’s Bundesliga finally starts a new season on Friday and our EC heroes like Popp, Bühl and Frohms are back playing for their clubs. Here you can get to know the beginning of the season!

Last season ended with another exciting championship match between FC Bayern and VfL Wolfsburg. However, Bayern once again had to concede defeat to their great rivals from the north. The Munich team did not like ending the season without a single title. FCB is even more motivated for this season.

Bayern wants to attack with a new coach

With the new coach on the sidelines, from Bayern’s point of view, this season should finally have something with the title again. Norwegian Alexander Straus took over as head coach from Jens Scheuer in the summer. Scheuer and FC Bayern parted ways after last season.

Munich succeeded in a mega coup

The commitment of European champion Georgia Stanway is interpreted as a kind of declaration of war from the club. With Stanway, Bayern pulled off one of the best moves of the summer, and the move from the highly attractive and lucrative English Women’s Super League to the Women’s Bundesliga has been seen as quite unusual in recent times. It is all the more gratifying that the entire league can welcome Stanway, one of the most promising European talents, to the league.

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Georgina Stanway is a summer transfer. The new Bayern player spoke exclusively to Sky about the reasons for the move, his playing style and more.

Educational preparation for FCB

However, the preparation of the team from the capital of Bavaria has been rather messy so far. Although they were able to secure the title at the top-flight AMOS Cup in Toulouse, they suffered defeats against WSL club Brighton & Hove Albion and Atletico Madrid. With Hanna Glas, an important pillar of the defense is now also missing in the long term, and Giulia Gwinn was also recently unable to play on the field due to knee problems.

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Bayern player Giulia Gwinn on the league’s imbalance and the difficulty of continuing the hype after the Women’s European Championships.

Wolfsburg again on the attack course

On the other hand, the wolves’ preseason went perfectly. They beat Denmark’s Brondby 3-0 and PSV Eindhoven beat them 2-1. Tommy Stroot’s team has strengthened itself with three European vice champions. Jule Brand, Marina Hegering and Merle Frohms wear the green shirt from this season. Above all, German number one player Merle Frohms will play an important role in Wolves’ goal in the future and will follow in big footsteps. Longtime VfL goalkeeper Almuth Schult left the club for Angel City this summer and is now playing in the North American NWSL.

Eintracht will lose Frohms

Frohms was previously between the posts of Eintracht Frankfurt, whose loss is difficult to compensate for. The Hessians had actually brought along the young German goalkeeper Stina Johannes, who is now out of the back trouble.

A bitter pill already at the beginning of the season

In any case, after the euphoric end of last season, the team from Frankfurt had to endure a big setback even before the start of the new Bundesliga season. The Frankfurt team qualified for the Champions League for the first time under the umbrella of Eintracht last season. However, the journey ended sooner than expected. Already in the qualifiers, the team fell against Ajax Amsterdam. So the Adlerträgerinnen’s Champions League dream is already over before it has even properly begun.

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Laura Freigang presents her home in Frankfurt. The international player reveals what is special about women’s soccer and why she is not at all jealous of men.

Turbine at the migration marathon

In the traditional Turbine Potsdam, the transfer carousel turned particularly strongly this summer. 17 arrivals and 12 departures (by September 11, 2022), no one reached this category. However, it is certainly not easy for the new coach Sebastian Middeke to make a well-functioning team from the newly assembled teams. The goal of Potsdam’s women is probably just like last season, to play in the Champions League qualifiers for third place. It remains to be seen how quickly the upheaval of the team can be overcome and whether the club’s transfer policy has yielded results.

Hoffenheim wants to return to the premier class

TSG Hoffenheim could be the biggest beneficiary of the turbine restructuring. In the 2021/22 season, Hoffenheim could still participate in the Champions League, but failed to qualify last season. This year, they may well be fighting for third place in the table along with Eintracht Frankfurt. TSG has a solid team and some young talent in their ranks. In addition, with the Austrian Nicole Billa, they have an absolute goal guarantor in front and they definitely have the potential to reach the premier class again.

Lots of excitement guaranteed!

Thus, expect plenty of excitement in the Women’s Bundesliga this season. At the top of the table is likely to be another tight battle between FC Bayern and VfL Wolfsburg. And behind them, several teams are fighting for the coveted third place in the table. It also remains to be seen how the two newly promoted teams, SV Meppen and MSV Duisburg, will return to the first division. Excitement is definitely guaranteed!

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