World Cup in Qatar: Cologne brewery announces boycott – news

November 21 footballWm in Qatar. But it’s not just the transition from summer to winter that annoys many innkeepers. More and more are announcing it publicly Wm to boycott. Finally, the Kölsch brewery “Mühlen”. The brewery states that it does not show any games in its pubs and breweries Facebook on.

Dear football fans, anyone who knows us knows that Malzmühle has always stood for diversity, international understanding and cosmopolitanism“It says. The host country’s human rights violations and the suffering of visiting workers do not match their own values. The brewery gets a lot of encouragement on its own Facebook page.

Mühlen joins several other pubs in Cologne that have already boycotted footballWm had announced. “Chlodwig Eck” and “Lotta” had previously announced that there was no game Wm show. On her Facebook page, “Lotta” announces the event instead Wm and there again gives detailed information about the reasons for the boycott.

Several pubs NRW have announced a boycott

Also in other cities NRW already has its host Wm– Boycott announced. In Düsseldorf, the landlord of the old town pub “Retematäng” has a boycott shop “No Qatar in my pub” started: “Our hearts are bleeding. But it’s just not possible”says landlord Daniel Vollmer. “We would consider ourselves hypocrites if we harshly condemned the tournament, but we would receive income by broadcasting it.”

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